Care Instruction

How to take care of your bikini?


Washing your swimsuit with cold water and gentle cleanser after every use is essential because sunscreen, salt and chlorine could damage the bikini if you leave it unwashed. Also, we strongly recommend to wash your bikini by hand instead of throwing in the laundry. Hand Wash could prolong the bikini’s life and keep it in shape season after season. Do not dry under direct sunlight as the color could fade away much easily. We suggest to take a clean, dry towel over top to remove the excess water and dry it flat in the shade.Make sure NO wring it, otherwise, the bikini could be stretched out.


How to get sand out of the bikini?


Have you ever experienced when you enjoy the beachside, but sands slip into the bikini and cannot be removed? Here are some tips for you! Try to shake off the bulk of the sand at the beach if possible. Turn the bikini inside out and rinse it under the faucet Soak the bikini in cold water in the sink for an hour or more. Rinse under the faucet again and wash by hand Lay flat to dry it.