Brand Story

‘’Be Bold, Be Yourself”

The name of Zotikos originated from ancient Greece, which holds the meaning of vitality and being full of life. Founded by an adventurous ocean lover, who has a particular passion for surfing. She is thankful for the ocean, as it brings her endless energy to let her embrace the color of life in nature. Seizing every opportunity to catch waves because she knows every wave is a unique and wonderful journey. She's not afraid of challenges and embraces all the uncertainties that life brings, which is why she fell in love with the ocean. Because the brand is inspired by nature, Zotikos hopes everyone in our apparel can enjoy the energy of nature, even in the low tide of life, no matter what happens, “ Be bold, be yourself."-- Go on an adventure in the unknown world and experience the vitality and beauty of the present life.


We understand the struggle that girls face when wanting to embrace the natural beauty of the ocean but are afraid of swimwear shifting and unfitness. Zotikos has heard you! Stylish and functional has become the design considerations of swimwear. We also carefully select the softer fabric, which is more comfortable, close fitting and durable than the general swimwear fabric. In the design of each swimsuit, considering each person's different body shape, the swimsuit tailoring presents each girl's unique and beautiful lines, while the fabric printing is designed by Zotikos, hoping to bring out the girl's inner beauty, self-confidence and positive attitude towards life.


Taiwan- a beautiful semi-tropical island country where the brand was founded and inspired. From here comes the wisdom that the ocean is an important resource for human beings, and so wish to call on consumers to be more aware of the ocean and the aquatic list that lives here. In the fashion industry striving for rapid production and price cutting competition, it has not only harmed the environment for a long time, but also lacked the consideration of sustainable environmental protection. Therefore, we have decided to create a swimsuit with environmental protection, function and fashion, so that consumers have an option when shopping and encourage the fashion industry to move their focus on environmental protection issues. Zotikos ranges from using less harmful fiber fabrics such as marine waste recycling materials to choosing factories to reduce carbon footprint, ethical operation and use chemicals that reduce environmental damage. Zotikos's principle of environmental protection is to the creation of sustainable products that protect nature.